2107 Gamay


Banned by a Duke in Burgundy because he wanted Pinot Noir to reign supreme, he called Gamay "a bad and disloyal varietal" and demanded that it be ripped out immediately.  Lucky for us, it found a home in Beaujolais where the Crus are making beautiful age worthy wines.

Here at Martian, Gamay is one of our first of the season to harvest.  While many of our past bottlings have been in the carbonic style, like the winegrowers of beaujolais, we have come to LOVE gamay and future wines will be far more serious and elegant, showing what this "disloyal varietal" can really do.


Winemaker Notes

Dried Roses.  Peat Moss.  Pomegranate.  Slate


Tasting Notes

Pork Chops with Sautéed Mushrooms

4 Bone-in pork Chops 1.5”
1/4c Ground porcini mushrooms
1t Dry mustard
1t Garlic powder
1/2t Black pepper
3T High heat oil

32oz of your favorite ‘shrooms
4 sprigs thyme

1. Combine all spices and dried mushrooms in bowl with oil.  Coat Chops and refrigerate for 4 hours. 

2. Sear on high heat until golden brown—both sides.

3. Finish in 350 degree oven.  Cook to internal temp of140 degrees.  Rest.  This will yield a perfect medium chop

4. Ensure mushrooms are of similar size.

5. Sautee in butter and thyme cook until water has evaporated.  Season with S&P.

6. Spoon over chop.



Technical Data

Partial Carbonic Maceration
Native Yeast
11 months in neutral barrique and puncheon
18 months in bottle
120 cases produced


2107 Gamay