2016 Mourvedre



Mourvedre, otherwise known as Monastrell, is a dark skinned, heat loving high quality grape known for its structured contribution to blends.  The French have nicknamed it estrangle-chien or "dog strangler" due to its fierce tannins.  

Native to Spain, it derives it name from the latin word for monastery suggesting it was likey first grown by monks.

Within the Martian Vineyard, it enjoys a long warm growing season and is tended carefully as it is very susceptible to drought.


Winemaker Notes

Red Plum. Thyme. Dark. Sexy. 


Tasting Notes

Pair with

Black Beluga Lentils with Shiitake Mushrooms
raised Lamb Shanks.


Technical Data

Native Yeast Fermentation
18 months in Barrique barrels.


2016 Mourvedre