2017 Grenache Blanc



Otherwise known as Garnacha Blanca, Grenache Blanc is full bodied wine grown mostly in Southern France and Spain.  It is most often blended with crisper grapes, but will make meduim to full bodied varietal wine with the ability to show florals, ripe green fruits and minerality.

Martian Grenache Blanc can be a bit high maintenance.  It likes our warmer vineyard but we watch it carefully for sunburn.  It easily ripens and gives us, consistenlty, high quality grapes.

Winemaker Notes

A green almond salad with purslane, brioche croutons, and lemon served on a cool stone counter top, as you and your best friend make plans for your day of playing hookie.

Tasting Notes

Pair with

Ginger chicken
Charred green beans with lemon verbena pesto
Filet of sole almondine.

Technical Data

Native Yeast
10 months on lees in Foudre

2017 Grenache Blanc